This website has been created by Charlotte's Web Sites as a courtesy to the home owners of E. Paloma RD, Eloy Arizona, who are each 1/7 owners of the shared well at 3037 E. Paloma RD.

As of April 1, 2014, current bank balances and bank statements, as well as paid invoices (since March 18th) have been posted to the member area.

You will need a password to access the
member section. For a password, or if you have any ideas for this website, please send them to me in an email.

How to pay your invoice.

Invoices can be paid in a number of ways, the most convenient being on-line through PayPal, Stripe, or WePay. All of these however, have a charge of approximately 3.5% which has has cost us $48.77 since the inception of the electronic invoicing system 2 years ago.

To avoid the fees which reduce the amount of funds actually going into our account, directly depositing the funds into the Wells Fargo account in the Promenade Mall is an option, but it is critical that you inform me exactly when your deposit was made, and the amount of it, so your account gets properly credited. Your bank will also very likely set up a pre-authorized transfer so you can avoid having to make a trip to Wells Fargo with cash.

The banking info for a direct deposit or a pre-authorized deposit from your account can be found in the secure section of this website under the “Financial” tab.


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